Copper busbar

Copper Busbar Machining Capabilities

Our copper busbar fabrication engineers can help you choose the right type of copper and the best way to custom manufacture it to meet the most demanding applications.


We provide precision milled assemblies to high volume punched and stamped components. Our advanced CNC, CAM and Solid Works technologies enable us to maintain tight control over quality to fit our customers’ exact specifications or to OEM specifications.

Copper Busbar Efficiency

For example, copper busbar systems for industrial and commercial facilities are often designed to minimize first costs, with the bus bar sized to the minimum permitted by safety considerations. In such cases, operating costs are ignored at the design stage and, as a result, large amounts of electrical energy are wasted in service due to heat loss. Here Storm’s designers may recommend using larger cross-sections of busbar thatresult in more efficient systems with lower operating costs.

The result is an optimal system that properly balances first costs with operating costs in order to minimize total life-cycle cost.

Copper Busbar Fabrication

When combined with Storm’s Value Engineering, our full in-house CNC Capability saves even more time.

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    Virtually all of Storm’ electrical busbar business involves copper and a variety of core metalworking capabilities, all based on CNC technology. Storm’s equipment includes shear, presses, press breaks, water jet and punching machines, to produce materials, processes, and finished components engineered to meet standards required by ISO 9001, ASTM, UL, CSA, Bellcore, and other testing/standards bodies