Information on stainless steel sheet color

Inox stainless steel is one versatile product support and pretty much apply to today’s trades, if one is looking for 1 address reputable company on the purchase of stainless steel in stainless steel that do not know, let’s tphcm refer to the company through oristarcorp this is one reputable company specializing in providing stainless steel products is now fairly well known

Introduced product line of stainless steel stainless steel color Tole are currently popular in the market

These are products that are produced on modern lines, stainless steel products stainless steel sheet of Dosco quality color according to JIS G3312 standards.

Tole products stainless steel color coating is resistant to corrosion and rusting is very high. However, with the market development on a high, customers are not only concerned with reliability but also wants to create own style works, PPGI products created to meet the demand for the creation of the the beautiful and exceptional durability.

There are also a lot of specifications and colors according to your requirements, please contact the business department to have accurate information.

Information on the products of stainless steel sheet plated stainless steel color

Width: 750 – 1219mm
Thickness: 12:14 – 0.800mm

Product use:

Civil engineering and industry, production of roofing, partitions, ceilings, gutters, interior shaping, Door, rolling, folding …, Factories, warehouses, household tools. .., drums, decorated interior and exterior offices, drainage tubes, tubes genes casing air conditioning equipment and computerized devices other contact information.

Here are samples of stainless steel stainless steel products are selling well in the company Oristarcorp, if customers need to buy products cheaply on the company please contact us for a quote

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